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A lifetime of farming and 38 years of real estate experience have given Richard Hefley an insight on how to find the perfect land for his clients. Working with the people of Texas and Oklahoma for decades, Hefley has seen the growth and advances that they have made in the farm and ranch industry. He enjoys being a part of that growth.
“One thing that I believe about the people of Texas and Oklahoma is that that embody the pioneer spirit and look forward to new developments,” says Hefley. “I like working with these pioneering individuals, because they are always striving to adapt new technologies.”
Much like his clients, Hefley also strives to adapt new technologies. Working with his associate, Hefley researches every property he lists for sale and complies a book containing soil and topographic maps along with production possibilities for each property. These books are available to prospective buyers to help them determine the best land for what they want to accomplish in the areas of farming, hunting and ranching.
In addition to working with farmers and ranchers, Hefley has devoted his time to being a member of national associations to better his skills and knowledge for those he serves.


Hefley attends the Realtors Land Institute (RLI) National Land Conference every year to inform clients about national real estate trends that affect our area. He is an Accredited Land Consultant (ALC).
ALC designations are held by real estate professionals that are the highest performing and most experienced land specialists; there are only 500 in the entire nation.